My Vision

My mission is to inspire others to accomplish their dreams. I am an athlete and an entrepreneur, and I hope that by sharing my experiences and setting a positive example, I can encourage others to dream big and accomplish amazing things.

I believe that the best way to lead is by example. Some leaders inspire through words, but I prefer to inspire by action. By pursuing my own goals, and sharing my experiences in doing so, I hope I can be an inspiration to others who are chasing their dreams.

I have spent the last year trying to figure out who I am and where I am headed, and to establish my own “personal brand”. I questioned: Who am I? What do I stand for? What do I want to do? I asked others how they would describe me.

Last summer, I started to realized that I am not content unless I am moving – learning new things, and challenging myself to do bigger and better things. My vision has been refined during my time in the MBET program, where I recognized my two passions – athletics and business. By combining these two passions, I hope that I can bring a unique perspective, and through my actions, inspire others chase their own dreams.

What Makes Me Unique?

One of my biggest strengths is my ability to quickly break down a complex problem, determine the underlying cause, and start looking for solutions. I am able to analyze a situation, and “see” the answer.

I do my best work under pressure, and enjoy being challenged in everything I do. I have a tremendous thirst for learning and growth. I do not settle for being mediocre – if I am going to do something, I will do it well. In sports and in my career, I have continually tested my boundaries, and pushed myself to new heights.

Forward Motion succintly sums up what makes me me: my love of sports, passion for knowledge, and the need to take on new challenges. I believe that life is a journey, and I want to experience as much as possible on that journey. Life truly is too short to stand still.


Don’t take my word for it… see what others have to say about me.

Volunteer Activities

  • Junior Achievement
    Lead “A Business of Our Own” program with Grade 6 students, teaching them about starting and operating their own business.
  • Team Up – University of Waterloo
    Speak to groups of elementary school children on the value and life lessons that can be gained through sports.


Download my resume… Dan_Donovan_Resume.pdf

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