“Dan Donovan – a friend, a colleague, and most importantly an inspiration. I worked with Dan back in university and most recently in my business endeavour. He was there to help me realize and develop my entrepreneurial vision and continues to offer help anytime, be it talking me through a business hurdle or to celebrate another achieved milestone.”
— Macadam (Mac) Foy, President, Moonshade Blinds Inc.

“Throughout our shared academic and sporting experiences, Dan has always demonstrated an honest, hard working, and dedicated nature. In his athletic endeavours, Dan’s competitive nature has always been well balanced by his fair, sportsmanlike values and interest in others achievements. Athletically, he has always been an inspirational figure to myself – he sets big goals and reaches them.”
— Blair Coughtrey, BASc (Eng), Project Manager, Novator Systems

“Dan is highly analytical, technically savvy and visionary. He has an eye for detail and the ability to make complex issues simple. Having come from a business background, he has been my greatest resource in understanding technology. I admire his ability for excellence in every project he works on, and the balance to have great fun regardless of work-load and pressure.”
— Wangari Kamande, MBET Classmate

“Dan is a tremendous team player with terrific business acumen. He will make a truly wonderful business leader in the future.”
–Kristin Schmidt, MBET Classmate

“Dan has a unique combination of strong technical and business skills. He can see through complex, multifaceted problems and arrive at clean, simple solutions. He can quickly translate complex technical concepts into practical application in a business context.”
— Albert Kleinikkink, General Manger, Automation Technology Products, ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.

“Over the last nine years, I’ve worked along side Dan in both academic and professional settings, at the University of Waterloo and ATS Automation Tooling Systems. He often provided unique ideas and insight into areas of importance that engineers usually neglect, specifically developing requirements, designing for reuse, and unit testing. Dan developed an innate ability to analyze the market then determine products and solutions that customers require, not products engineers want to create. Equally important, he has the ability to generate innovative ideas using the latest technology, while balancing it with a solid business vision and keeping an eye on the bottom line.”
— Matt Ferraro, BASc (Eng)

“Dan is a congenial and sociable colleague. He thrives in challenging the status quo, frequently proposing innovative and novel approaches to assist in advancement. He sets high personal goals and intelligently presses forward in reaching them. Dan’s determination will continue to score him future successes.”
— Mark Wilbrink, Control Systems Software Developer, ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.

“It has been almost ten years since I have been in close contact with Dan. Always disciplined and calm under pressure, Dan was someone that people went to, knowing that he knew the answer, and if he didn’t, he’d find it. To this day I remember Dan with admiration for working so hard and appearing as though his success came so naturally. I know that his intelligence, work ethic and positive attitude will allow him to achieve great things in life.”
— Carina Crupi, BSc., MSc.

“Dan possesses an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and passion. His commitment to excellence and willingness to succeed never cease to amaze me. He views every challenge as an opportunity for achievement, and truly views the glass as always being “half-full”.”
— Tim Donovan, Candidate for BBA, Wilfrid Laurier University

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